Thursday, February 17, 2005

Setting up camp

It was getting old to get up really early in the morning, prepare meals for the day, drive an hour and a half, work till dark and drive back to our rental. So we started preparing a camp site . It was the perfect spot: out of the way of construction, very protected by cedars from the winds, yet easy to get to. It was very simple: a tent where we slept on a king size bed ( we had tried an air mattress but it deflated by morning, we needed a little more support for our 50+ bodies)
dry storage for changes of clothes, A coleman cookstove and an Ice chest.
we could now stay for days and be very comfortable. Oh yes we also had a latrene and an out side shower as well!

Many kitchen remodels and expansions.

Light was by oil lamps because kerosene was so volatile. I replaced the coleman stove as soon as possible with a propane stove that a good friend of ours gave us. What a world of difference! There were many times I could not get the coleman to work. They are very fickle stoves if you use them all the time as we did. The last straw was when gas caught on fire from the pump area and I had a hard time getting the flames out. That scared me too much. I can never go back.