Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year end Progress 2016

The flock of 7 year old hens and one really , really great Rooster. He watches over the girls and keeps them close for their protection. Out of the original 18 that were chicks, this is what we have left.

The guest bedroom and hopefully by next year, our new Airbnb. We need to finish the bath house first which will have a hot tub and tiny kitchen area for our guests to use .

My office looks the same on the outside....

Guest house outside needs some TLC to get it in shape.

The  center  turn around for the winter.

My office back yard.....what a mess ... it has gotten so overgrown.

I Love this veranda , it is so peaceful to sit and enjoy the solitude!

The Bath house in progress....

Our bedroom suite add on has been a joy to have, we are so glad we did it!

Yep! The "temporary garage"  is still there. Man ! Where does the time go!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Bedroom porch

The slab for this porch was because our forms/cement guy over ordered cement by 3 yds . He threw up the forms and did not check the square . it looked square but it was off by 1 inch . it does not seem like alot but it is as you will see.....

What we did here was to drill into the cement to anchor the posts . This is done by creating the metal plate that the bolts will go through first, then marking this on the cement to drill the holes that the bolts will be cemented to.

The posts are drilled using the same template so everything matches. Here we set the post in the bolts add added supports to hold the posts as close to square as possible for now.

The front beam was placed next. we had to add the short pieces of 1X 6s to make sure the slope of the extension matched the original porch. 

Here is another angle to show the temporary supports.

Next are the rafters which match the rafters on the original porch.

The decking of 5/8" plywood is next, that is when you discover "out of square" . we had to cut the plywood to fit the shape .

Tar paper is placed on the decking to water proof the plywood .

Here are my drawings to order the trim.

Richard is putting on the side trim to frame out the porch nicely , he is using 1"X 12" lumber.

This post took 4 weeks to complete.