Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clearing for the house / Carport and Wheelbarrow repair

We are planning on the car port being the next building so some trees are needing to be removed.
We are deciding to also clear for the house at the same time so we have a visual as to where it will go.

We are very careful when we "fell" a tree. They weigh tons and the tree always wins when they fall on you!

We had to plan which tree to get down first . One thing we are learning is it is VERY DIFFICULT if not impossible to get a tree to fall in a different direction than it is leaning, we have practiced on some and haven't had any successes.

We found this wheel/ platform and use it to move the cedar logs and utility poles. Someone built a 2X4 frame around an axle with wheels.

Some of the trees we cut were hollow with water and realize they probably would not have lived very much longer.

After the tree is down , we cut the limbs and truck into transportable sizes, thus the wood pile begins.

And then there is the wheel barrel repairs that need to take place before we can move the logs!

We filled the tires with Gorilla Snot (Glue) and are seeing if this will take care of the flat tires. A gallon cost about $25.00 and will fill about 6 tires.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The wood pile

From the first round of clearing that we did years ago, our first wood pile was full. So we set up another one to put the next round of clearing on.
We set cinder block down first then placed palets down so the wood would be above the ground for air circulation to keep it dry.
Next we put 8 foot T-posts in the ground with a woven fence to hold the wood up straight.
The plywood is so we can walk to the back with-out falling through the holes. We will see if this is big enough!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wisteria blooms after 6 years

We got this wisteria from Richards parents house. It had never bloomed there and we did not have any success here at a new location, so we started to believe it was a male plant, which will never bloom.
But this year after we mulched it and kept it well watered, it finally bloomed for about a month!