Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This is a very wet year......

This fawn was born just on the other side of our fence. We didn't see it at first and we walked right by it. It lay soooo still and we could hear the mama not far away. It is amazing how their instinct is to lay so perfectly still , that by doing so they are safer than trying to run. I am sure if it tried to run it couldn't get very far. It was probably only hours old! It was gone by the next day.

When it rains alot the spiders spin webs by the hundreds. On the paths we would run into the "made overnight food traps" every morning. These spiders are big, some the size of your palm! They don't attack or bite, at least they havn't bit us.
They are so amazing to watch building their webs. How they will climb up trees and jump off in just the right way to anchor a thread to another branch. Then climb up another tree and do it again and again until they have enough threads to stitch them together in a circle. They let out the thread and walk along then with their feet they join them together. What an amazing insect. Then a bird will fly right through this work of art and the spider has to start all overagain!