Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lights, plumbing, hot mats and frog in the greenhouse

I now know my greenhouse has arrived, there is a frog inhabiting!

In the past I attempted to start my seeds with string lights without success, so I am trying heat cables under the seed pots, we will see if this will work. Here I have attached the cable to hardware cloth with garbage bag ties.
I am wanting to start the seed like this so I do not have to heat my whole green house up to 75 degrees for starting plants.
Here the lights are installed without the covers and bulbs.

The lights are mounted, I need to connect the wires to complete the circuit.
Drilling holes as to match where the screws will be anchored into the rafters.

The lights assembled ready for installation.

I temporarily attached (not glued) a piece of pipe so I could turn on the water to blow out any debris without filling the ditch with water. This really worked well!

What I did here was to dig the ditch out and place an old sheet down into the whole so as the dirt would not fall and mess up the gluing or get into the pipe.
I was not able to get the water to flow through the faucet in the greenhouse, so I knew there was a dam somewhere. We thought we were so careful about getting debris in the pipe so I assumed it was the valve, so I replaced it. It was not the valve.
I thought it would then be the reducer area where it goes from 1 -1/4" pipe to 3/4" pipe. so I changed that out and that was clear. I then thought it must be before that, so I dug out all the way to the junction that I knew was good , those are the pics above, the block was not there.
There was only one place left, the section between the reduction and the valve, and there it was , packed solid for about 6 " in the middle of the run. I cut the pipe below the valve and blew out the debris and we had full pressure, what a lesson. If I had blown the water through the pipe when I was replacing the valve, I would have not had to go any further!