Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The final wall of the bedroon goes up

Scaffolding in place we are ready to measure , cut and place the tin on the wall.

We have found it to be  the safest way to cut the tin is to place them on left over 4" X 4" posts  on the ground while I sit on the tin and Richard would cut. Be careful because the blade spits the tin pieces it is cutting to the back of the blade. I would always wear a heavy jacket with a hood and have my back to the cut Richard was making.

We tried using this cheaper blade ,but it only made a few cuts before it became too short to use. It turned not to be cost effective.

Above and below the window is always tricky, so we have learned to put the full sheets up to the window with straight cuts the long way, then cut short pieces above and below the windows covering a few inches on both sides for the overlap. Always placing the  bottom piece first then the top piece so the top would overlap the bottom piece.

When we got to the porch roof we had to fit in a small piece so the seal was good around the flashing. Once everything is painted it will not show.

This is the blade we ended up using for most of the project, it cut the tin lie it was butter and lasted for all the cuts!

The last panel goes in over the porch on top of the flashing.

Richard is measuring for the light box hole to be cut. There would have been a better way to have just the wire come out of the wall , I am not sure how this happened but it would have been much easier. We did that on our other buildings , we would have just mounted the light fixture over the tin. Anyway , we got it to work.

First he punched a starter hole for the drill bit, putting tape on the tin helps.

Then he drilled the hole larger.....

Using a round cut saw , he made the opening.

And it was a perfect fit.

same for the receptacle. 

The last piece!!!! Yeah! Now the trim..........