Saturday, August 25, 2012

Staining the Carport Floor

 We wanted the carport floor to match all the other buildings. So we are staining the floor the same way we stained the other slabs. Above is a picture before I started.
 Here I am spraying on the acid stain that will penetrate into the cement and chemically change its color.

 The next step is to wash off all the residue from the acid reacting to the cement.
 Once the cement was thoroughly dry I applied three coats of sealer to ensure the color would not wear away any time soon.
And here is the final product, another chocolate brownie !

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The dog days of August

This year we have had a total of 16 days of 100 degrees, by this time last year we had already had 57 days of 100 or over so the garden is not doing too bad.
The peppers are doing well , but because of the raccoon invasion I lost all but one tomato plant so I planted 7 more and hope they will produce before it gets too cold.
These are green beans planted about 3 weeks ago.
This year I tried summer squash and it is doing very well. I put pink tape to discourage squash bugs. I am not sure if it is the hot weather or the tape but there have not been any squash bugs!
Herbs down the row and lettuce (salad bowl) on the left doing well shaded in the hot temp.
The clan taking their sand baths in the shade.
The shop thus far, the roof is next.
The carport roofed waiting for the staining of the floor, then the side panels go on.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The carport roof

 The panels are 26 feet long, so we devised a system to first place them on the scaffolding, then Richard , on a 12 foot ladder would lift the end up over the top as I, at the other end would push the panel on to the roof.

 We got all the panels on the roof and laid them out, so at least they were up there, then Richard could place them and screw them down by themselves.