Friday, March 30, 2012

laying the electric conduit to the studio

 To run electricity from the panel to the studio, we first had to install conduit underground for the electrical wire to safely pass through. Code for  where we live is 18 inches below grade.

First I laid out the conduit exactly how it had to be placed in the ground. I then marked with a magic marker the joints I would need to glue by marking a straight line across the joint so as I know exactly how to line up the joint before I glue it. I then Mark a deep cut in the ground underneath the pipe so I know where to dig a ditch.
 I moved the pipe to the side a few feet and proceeded to dig a ditch about 4 inches wide by 22 inches deep. I used a special shovel that is meant for this purpose, it is 4 inches wide and angled so you can easily lift the dirt out of the ditch.
 From the markings I made, I proceeded to glue the joints together above ground.
 I then placed the pipe in the ground and adjusted it in places by taking more dirt out of the ditch.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Center Isle upgrade!

A friend who came to visit brought the Buda to us as a gift, so it has become the center piece along with heart rocks and the angels we already had.

And the puzzle of fitting the pieces together begins, luckily Richard is a master at this craft!

We got a trailer full of cotton seed hull compost and tilled it in with a large bag of Perlite.
We are using the initial first layer of cinder block as the base filled with sand to stabilize the wall.

Since it has been raining every few days we have not been able to dry in the bath house, so we decided to revamp the center island .

We first removed the ugly black tubs and the lawn furniture that we never sat in . It always became a dense jungle by seasons end.