Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Peafowls!!!

We decided to get more peafowl because they are so beautiful ! Our first batch was received on June 3. They are the yellow babies that look like baby chicks ( the last pictures in this post). When baby fowl are ordered they are flown out the day they are hatched. The babies have a 3 day window before they have to eat and they keep each other warm in the transport.
Here to the left is a picture of the second batch of peafowl that we got,they are more gamey and very dark compared to the first batch. The rest of the story follows:

We ordered the first batch months ago. The breeders need to wait to ship when the weather gets warm enough. Peafowl love the heat and will die if it gets too cold. When they are young they only have down feathers. As soon as these are replaced with real feathers then they can take cooler temperatures. The babies have to be ordered in batches of 8 so they survive the journey by keeping each other warm.
So we got the call that they would be shipped on Tuesday ( the place we ordered them from cannot ship on Monday because that is the day a dry ice Company ships out and that would keep the chicks too cold) and arrive on Thursday
They all arrived alive and well. The brooder box was clean and stocked with water and chick starter food, From the breeders advise I boiled chicken eggs , mashed them up and feed that to them for the first two weeks. They LOVED that and it is a very good source of protein!
Then One of them started to have problems within a few days and died. Then another one was starting to look weak , sleep all the time and did not eat. This one died as well. So then there was 6.

I called the breeders and told them what had happened and asked them what I did wrong. She said I did just what I was suppose to do. She volunteered to send another batch if we covered the shipping, I was impressed with that gesture and accepted the offer. They were shipped out and arrived On July 6Th. One of them did not survive the journey for what ever reason.

The older peafowl soon out grew their cage and we had to move them so the 2ND batch could occupy the brooder box.
I would highly recommend The breeders we bought our pea fowl from, they proved to be honest and very helpful people, here is their name:
Mouse Creek Feather Farm
N5005 Cty Rd B
New London, WI 54961
Diana: 920-570-0314