Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Insulating the Bathhouse ceiling.

 We got this Styrofoam insulation (30 to 40 R-Value) for free from our recycle guy about 8 years ago and have had it in storage under a vinyl tarp ever since . The rats/coons/??? have had a wonderful home to live in . There are chewed in tunnels, insulation rearranged into blankets and alot of poop, really gross!
So we ended up throwing away the fiberglass insulation and bleaching the Styrofoam to get it clean.
 This is how much it will take to do the job......
 Here is the well room done.....
 I cut it by measuring the space and subtracting 1/2 for ease of fit.
 There were places I had to make grove cuts for the conduit that was not placed high enough.
 This is the Composing toilet room Done.....What a difference in Temperature!!!!
I found it the easiest to divide the run into 3 sections, each end : because they had a ledge to fit the insulation piece into , and the middle :which would just fit straight up.

 We insulated the front porch with fiberglass then covered it with tyveck.

This took 3 weeks from start to finish.