Sunday, December 13, 2009

A visit from our handsome son, his beautiful partner and the cutest bulldog in the world!

It is so wonderful to have our son living just a few hours away!!! We were so happy to see their new arrival and she is the cutest bulldog with such amazing character.
She played with our dog like she was just as big and fierce!
We really had a blast with them!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Side story: A mothers story

Finding herself with child after a night of experimentation, Liddy was at a crossroad. She was 16, wanting to live more life before committing to raising a child, alone.
The father never knew he had a child on the way, and she wanted it this way : he was not the father/husband type.
Liddy worked at a day care center and let it be known that she was planning on putting the child up for adoption. A close friend of one of the co-workers was unable to have children and was planning on adopting. Liddy and her met up and hit it off. All of her expenses were covered and she would at a distance watch her child grow-up.
Liddy felt this was a gift from God, that she was able to carry and give birth to a child that another women who was more prepared and financially set was not able to conceive. She signed all the papers and felt completely at peace.
That was over 20 years ago and the child is in her life, he knows the whole story and is so grateful to have such an amazing situation that his loving birth mom was wise enough to know what was best for her and her son, and give such a selfless gift of life.

Life is magical and can flow so beautifully if everyone allows it to happen.............

Friday, December 4, 2009

A warm place for the plants to winter

Well it doesn't look like the garden shed/greenhouse will be finished before the first frost, so we are constructing a temporary cinder block space to house the plants and keep them at least above 40 degrees.
To build this structure we used the fiberglass frame from the shower as a guide for the width. Cinder blocks were dry stacked (with-out mortar) on the sides and a few in the front for strength. We then placed the fiberglass frame with yupon holly sticks as the support for the plastic that encloses the whole structure. The important thing to pay attention to is not allowing any air to escape, it will surley be the warm air you want to keep inside.
We heat the space with two 75 watt light bulbs and when it gets below 28 degrees or so we fire up two kerosene lanterns. All the plants fit and It really does work!