Sunday, July 28, 2013

Framing /decking The Bath House...

First the top board (bond beam) is installed so there is something to attach the rafters too.
The rafters are carefully measured and bird mouths are cut so the rafter sits on the bond beam.
The rafters are set 2 feet wide on center. Meaning from the middle of one 2by to the middle of the next 2by is 24". We used 2"X10" for this roof.
The porch rafters are ready to go!
We are using 6" X 6" posts to support to rafters on the open end of the porch with a 4"X6" top beam. ( all recycled material)

The 5/8" plywood is cut to be placed edge to edge on the rafters.
A hardware cloth  screen is placed on the ridge peak to let the air escape.