Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012 Progress report.....

 The fish are happy with the cooler weather which is the major contributor to the clear water. When it is hot and sunny the algae gets a strong hold in the water and clouds the water up taking up valuable oxygen.
 We have started cleaning up for the winter flower garden, removing the heat loving Mexican petunias with cold loving pansies.
 Carport awaiting the outside skin.....
 The shop/kitchen is dried in , the next step is completing the trim and sealing the perlin openings that were created when we constructed the overhangs.
 The bathhouse walls patiently wait...
 To de-chicken the center planting area, Richard created a rock garden/patio area. I can't wait to plant the Zinnia in the spring!
 The closet guest house...
 The chicken pasture greening up....
The garden awaiting my attention......

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adding Tables to the greenhouse

 Richard is framing the tables to be very strong with many cross braces. Then 1X6s are nailed , (with a space between them for water to drain), along the top to create the platform.

 The finished levels. Notice our Myers lemon tree on the left loving the warm temperate enviroment, I picked about 2 dozen lemons already!
 I then coated the wood with a staining sealer to even everything out and protect the wood from the moisture.
Having done the green house this way ie: insulating the roof and East, West and North sides, placing a reflective wall covering , placing glass on the south side and lining the south side with 55 gallon drums full of water, The temperature stays between 55 and 80 degrees year round!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The winter garden

 We have not had a freeze yet. It has been a warm fall so the broccoli is just starting to head. I decided to plant more broccoli, thus the little plants in between the tall ones.
I am experimenting with a rye cover crop this winter. I have been having trouble with nematodes this year and heard that the rye will trap them and they die. I also bought beneficial nematodes to help as well. 
 The peppers have had a banner year, but the freeze tonight will take them down.
 You can barely see the cabbage and cauliflower I planted  in the rye grass.
 The snap peas are growing better since it has cooled a bit.
 The Garden looks a little ratty from this view but it is the best shot of the marigolds.
And here is the harvest! There are even a few pounds of string beans under the peppers, this will last us a few days anyway!