Sunday, May 8, 2005

Taking down trees/pulling up roots....

Our first objective was to get a road cut into the middle of the property where the main house will be built.
First cutting the trees and bushes , burning them so we could keep the space clean. Then we hired a neighbor to dig up the tree stumps. We had looked at other options: 1) we could rent a stump grinder. It would have been very slow and we had about a hundred stumps to move. 2) There is a chemical that you pour into a hole that you drill into the stump. But it takes a while for it to kill and dry up the stump, again this would have taken a long time.

Thus we had his backhoe do the work and he got it all done in one day.
What we were left with was the stumps will a portion of the tree to cut off. Then we had to let them dry for a month or so then we burned them.
What a difference that made, we now had a way to drive to the center of the property!
It took us about a month to clean up the stumps.