Monday, March 20, 2017

New cage around the Blueberries

The wood frame has seen better days, after years of overhead watering it has taken a toll. The "treated wood" has rotted and the wire rusted through.

First we had to take all the wire off and remove all the wood except for the posts that were still in great condition.

WE used 10 ft hollow galvanized tubing that fit together with integrated couplings.
Cutting it with a metal saw.

We have all the pipes up, we then stretched wire between the pipe to hold up the chicken wire.

This is how we secured the pipes to the wooden posts.

One pipe goes across the post and the other one ends at that pole so the top is level.

The side wire goes up 1st ....

Then the top wire was tied to the side wire and each cross wire  that went from pole to pole.

Side note; a cridder was in the garden looking for food.....

And it was a coon!!!