Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nesting boxes for the chickens just in time.

The chickens are now 6 months old and will be laying eggs any day. We finished the nesting boxes and they are installed and ready to go!
We built them a walkway in front of the boxes so they have a runway and the choice of the first or second story.

The pigeons have they nesting boxes up high , so in theory the pigeons will go to the high boxes and the chickens will take the easier to get to nests.

We designed the chicken boxes so they slant to the back. When the eggs are layed they will roll to the back and stay clean and be easy to collect.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Garden & Cut ants...

Cut ants are the bane of a gardeners existence. You cannot fence them out and they can come from far away and wipe out a tree overnight. So at the first sign I work fast to pour orange oil, molasses and soap down the hole, this has worked OK but them seem to just move over a few feet and it is very expensive!

Here is the gardens 1st fall!