Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Building continued.........January 2006

We decided to do some more clearing to give the trees breathing room and see if we could fit another building in this area.
We value the power of the bobcat machine that can do a months worth of work in 4 hours. We always feel we get a jump on things when we hire this type of work to get done.

Next the rafters went up. We used 2"X 6" lumber that were about 10 feet long. The 6" depth was so we could use 5" Rigid Styrofoam insulation that we got for free, this gives us 30 R in the ceiling. The boards have to be cut at an angle so as to be perpendicular to the ground. This is so when you put the trim on the ends it will be perpendicular to the ground as to look right and accept the gutters correctly. Again this is where we had to think from the end: we were dealing with 10' roof panels, the gutters need a 1' overhang of the roof, so we had to measure back from that incorporating the trim at the ends of the rafters.

We first set the height of the building at about 6 ft sloping up to 8ft because it was only going to be a shed. We decided to raise the roof 2 feet with solid 2X4s to give the walls added strength. We are so glad that we did this!

Next the perlins (2X4s) go on , these support the decking, which is usually plywood to support the tar paper. This is important to create a water barrier between the roof and plywood.

All of these help the building to become stronger and stronger.