Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skinning the carport with tin

 Here is our work area for measuring, marking, and cutting the tin on the ground, in our opinion it is the safest way to do this.
 The back panels did not need any cutting so we were able to just put them up.
 Cutting around the windows is always tricky, alot of measuring and careful marking and cutting.
 When the wall needs two lengths to complete the coverage we placed the bottom sheet on first then placed the top sheet over the first. This way when rain hits the wall it will run smoothy and over all the sheets.
 One of the most important tools we have ever bought was the scaffolding. It is the most secure feeling to be 12 ft in the air on a solid surface.Here Richard is 6 ft in the air with the "walls" for added safety.

 Finishing the South side.
 We placed material under neath the feet of the scaffolding to protect the stained cement.
 Corner trim is put in place to give the building a finished look.
 This is how the building looks before the cap trim on the roof.
 We needed to cut the sheet metal that over hung the side of the roof so we could install the cap trim.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lessons with Chichens

I have mostly raised my chicks from a few days old and once bought some grown chickens and never have a problem. I had been in touch with a local breeder about her Heritage delawares and wanted to try they out. I called her and she said she was selling the last of her 3 month old birds. She had about 16 left so I called a neighbor and she wanted a few, so we acquired them on a Sunday. I did notice that when I brought them home , one had a drippy nose, but I did not think about it. About a week after I let them in with the others, my original flock started coughing , eyes swelling and not eating.
I used Colloidal Silver and it was working, but I ran out before the run was complete.I switched to Met-sul, But it was not the right med, so I put them on LS-50, which worked to a point. As soon as I received my Silvonic colloidal silver generator, I was able to make enough to put it in their water on a daily basis. When I sprayed it into their eyes the film cleared and the chickens could see again.
What they had was a condition called Chronic Respiratory Disease  AKA  CRD. The Heritage chickens were carriers that the women I bought them from denies they were sick, but our friends who took a few had the same problem with their chickens. When Chickens are sick they stop laying as well. During the rounds of antibiotics I did give them The Silver in the water and they now show no signs of sickness but they have dropped in egg production by half ( I am writing this June , 9 2013).
I am seeing who are the layers one by one putting them in an isolated cage . We will see after the experiment is over.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Garden lesson about covercrops

 I had this great idea to plant rye grass to capture the bad plant nematodes destroying many things I had tried to plant . Well with plenty of water and rich soil the rye grass grew thick and tall. When I was ready to plant my garden the rye was at its peak, showing no sign of slowing down!!
So I covered it with black plastic weighted down with rocks. That helped but the roots were thick and strong. I tilled it with my little Mantis and it did great But it is always best to wait a month before planting. So my garden this year will be small, to say the least.
 After the till....
 After the planting, the same day....
 Kelp coming up on the left. herbs on the right...
 Onions doing great!
From the left: Asparagus, Raspberries and Blackberries....
It is hard to see but the blueberries are LOADED With blooms!!!!