Sunday, March 25, 2007

Landscaping continued.....

The barrels are in place and the perimiter is established with the fence posts.
The yard is not very big, we just wanted to have a defined area that we could plant and keep the animals out . Our neighbor gave us some Lantana bushes to jump start the process.
We started with the 4 corner posts , then tied a string from those posts to keep the connecting post in line. Since this was such a small area we placed the post 2 feet into the ground, using 6 inch diameter posts for the corners and on either sides of the gates. 4 inch posts were used for the posts in between the corner posts.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pathways in the March fog

It has been a very wet spring. Alot of misty mornings and ground spider webs popping out by contrast. Our small wet weather pond is full and the frogs are singing in the rain. This is the kind of weather that puts us behind as well as the cold and short days. But it is also the time of year we get movies from the library for free to watch after dinner. Our eating schedule changes with the season. In the winter we have dinner when it gets dark around 5:00 pm. In the summer we usually eat when it is the hottest and are able to go back out after dinner and work until just about dark around 8:00 pm or so.
I love living in the woods and revolving our schedule around the seasons. We never get bored and we feel like we are working with nature in a holistic way. We do take the time to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and appreciate the workings of the natural world. It is amazing to be aware of what phase the moon is in and when the sun rises and sets. There is such a wonderful rhythm to it all!