Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Side Story" Mary June and Ida

When Richards Mom (Mary June) was a Teenage girl in the 1930's, she went to school with a wide range of children , from all walks of life. Sometime during the year another girl moved into the area. She was small, an only child and very poorly dressed. The teacher said" I want  to introduce a new student to everyone, her name is Ida"

The new girl looked the class over , took her seat and was returned with the one smiling face and voice of Mary June saying to her:"Its looks like you could use a friend". They became fast friends and Mary Junes' Mom invited her over for lunches every  Sunday  where she sat at a table with a family of 8. A far cry from what she was used to.
Fast forward through education, marriages,children, living far apart and then in the same town again. Idas' 1st husband pasted away leaving her with a mountain of Credit card debt which she had to keep working to pay. Then she met her 2nd husband who loved her dearly and was well to do. She was able to retire comfortably.

When Mary June developed Alzheimer they remained friends as well as they could. Near the end of Mary Junes' life, when she no longer knew her, Ida sat down next to her and said" Mary June my name is Ida,your oldest friend, do you remember me? And Mary June replied "Well, truthfully, no I don't remember you, But I can tell by the kindness of your voice, that I would want you as my best friend"

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease that steals a person away from friends and family. They are still alive yet not available, like living with a stranger.
One day she closed her eyes,  her head dropped and she started answering back to someone that was talking to her in her head. It was decided that she should be but in Hospice to releave her husband for a few days.
From the moment  she was put in Hospice, she started to be very agitated so they gave her some morphine. It settled her down and she started the transition into dying. Her skin got mottled and thin. Her ears started to flatten against her skull. The breath became more labored. No water or food was given, so after a few days the tips of her fingers and toes turned purple. This purple moved slowly towards the heart . She then started the death rattle, which is when the breath is labored because of water in the lungs.And soon she was gone from her body, free from pain and attachment to this Earth.
 She was such a kind and gentle being, happy until the end.    She will be missed.......