Friday, February 28, 2014

Working on the Main House wall...

 Our daughter was here visiting and helped us paint on the clear finish on the wall. It was so helpful to have an extra pair of hands, we finished this in a week!

 We started the framing the middle of January 2014.
That is me with my clip board measuring and figuring how far apart the boards need to be to accept the Sheetrock that will cover the frame. One always has to think from the end as to how to build to accommodate all layers of what you are building.
 The first wall is done. If you look close you will see we started our measurement from the left, spacing the 2X4s 24" from the middle of the 2X4 to the next 2X4 middle,this called placing the frame 24" on center. As you can see the space t the left of the pole between the windows is narrower and the right side is  wider. This is so when the Sheetrock is applied , all of the edges will be supported.
 This is how we started on each section. We measured the space inside of the poles for the circumference of the frame.This side had an angle so we just put together the most outside boards then measured the inside distance to cut the inside part of the frame.
 Sometimes we had to force it to the correct length by using a clamp.
 once we raised the frame up and secured it , we measured and cut for the frame around the windows.

 And we had to build these little boxes to fit around the electric receptacles.(this building was going to be a shop, so we had the electrical in conduit)
 The start of the North wall.....
 Framing around the windows....
 This is almost done.....
And the room is framed, it took us about 2 months to do this.