Friday, June 30, 2006

Starting the Front Porch, Finishing the inside...

The roof for the front porch was planned from the beginning. A space was left for the rafters to be placed under metal sheeting as to keep the transition from wall to roof water tight.
The posts were installed, then the front plates and the rafters anchored the structure together. The Rafters were two 2X4s nailed together.

Moving back to the inside it was time for the wire mesh to be stabled and nailed to the walls and ceiling. It is important to make sure the wire is very tight and securely fastened to the wall because that is what holds the plaster to the wall.

Again, I was the mixer and Richard was the applier. Because everyone has their own way of applying plaster, it is best to let each person complete a wall section, otherwise you would see the difference in the strokes
Finally after the plaster was completely dry, we painted!!! What a difference!