Saturday, August 29, 2015

Staining the floor of the bedroom

It is still hot here so we decided to finish the floors with the walls still open.
here is what the poured cement looks like before any color.....

And here it is with just the color applied......

Here is the finished floor!

It is not hard to do this process. You need to test the color on your cement first to see if that is the right color to use. I used an acid resistance sprayer to apply the acid color. I let it dry then washed it to see how it would look after it was sealed. I then let it dry thoroughly , then applied the sealer 3Xs letting it dry for a day between coats.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Electrical, plumbing and ceiling insulation for Bedroom

I ran the electrical myself, that way we have the outlets and lights just where we want them.We always use code as our guide and save thousands of dollars. It is not hard, I studied the electrical manual I got from Home Depot,it was well written and easy to understand. The good thing about running electrical lines is you probably have the tools already with a few others specific to electrical work.

We did hire a plumber to do the rough out and finish work, but there were mistakes that we had to amend as we went along. We realized that we had to be right with them every step of the way or they would do not so careful installations.

They did install the special water pipes made of a material that cannot split when it freeze's.
That did take special equipment.

The insulation went up next, we used 5 inch Styrofoam in a double  thickness, alternating the sheets.
I used a 4 foot long T-square and cut it with a wood saw, it worked very well.

I measured and fit them as tight as I could using little nails to hold them in place where necessary.

It made a huge difference in the heat exchange from the roof heating up the room, even with the walls uncovered.

Then the Tyvek went up to add another moisture /heat barrier.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Putting on the roof of the Bedroom

The roof tin is installed now before the south end overhang, again it is easier to determine the exact edge for the finish lumber.

We hoisted the tin sheets up, one at a time, secured each one then  got up the next. My husband and I did this ourselves , just the two of us. It can be done using alot of leverage. Unfortunately we did not have someone to take the pictures of the process.
We both would get the sheet up on the roof, then I would hold the sheet at the end and run it up so it would land on the roof while Richard was on a ladder to guide it to the right place.

It was then time to put up all the scaffolding we had so our neighbor could finish the overhang safely.
He finished it mechanically piece by piece.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Master Bedroom Suite is taking shape

The start of the framing is to establish the walls, so that is what you see here. so far so good!

The walls are constructed on the slab to keep them true plum and square. Careful measurements are needed to make sure everything fits together just right, that is why we hired our neighbor to  do this part, he has been framing his whole life and knows it like the palm of his hand!

And the first wall goes up!

One side is done with supports keeping the walls in place.

The room is taking shape , we are getting a sense of the dimensions .

This is when the rafters go up , once the front and back walls are constructed. This way it is easier to determine the slope of the slanted wall.

The windows are installed now , just to make it easy if there is an adjustment needed.