Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time laps 2/06/2016-4/17/2016 Bathroom work

Cabinets above the tub ready to be finished...

Done and painted!

This was how we figured out how to attach the undermount sink with clamps Richard made. We did not trust just gluing it to the underside.

Drilling the holes for the faucet,

we put a water proofing coat before we started to tile.

The marble tiles we have been saving for ten years go up....

This is the toilet alcove.

We laided out all the tiles on the floor to make sure the patern was the way we wanted it to be.

Our $100.00 tile cutter purchase from Home Depot to save us Thousands. It did a great job!

Mixing up small batches was the trick for the mastic.

Measuring ,making a template and cutting accurately was the important thing here.

Not bad for the first time tilers!

The little tiles for the ceiling were a bitch! it was hard to get them square and in line. The black grout was very difficult to remove from the white tiles as well.

Hard doing this above the head....

It all turned out just great through it all.