Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer updates 2016 June July August

Canaries are still hatching, she or he are good parents! Both the male and female feed and help raise the young!

A very long Chicken snake in the coop looking for eggs and chickens. The snake will eat the eggs and if he is hungry enough he will attempt to eat a chicken  by starting at the head, totally engulfing the beak to the throat . At this time the chicken will have suffocated and the snake will have realized that the chicken is way too big for him to swallow. He will leave the dead chicken with digestive slime over its head. That is how we know the chicken death. June 17, 2016

Bounty from the garden, Onions and  peppers. July 3,2016

My solution to keep  Squirrels and Rabbits from eating the melons. It actually works!

Finally we move into the Bedroom! July 17, 2016

We had a surprise mama chicken hatch out 3 babies. She hid for 3 weeks while she hatched them. We wondered where the extra eggs went to, she was sitting on 18 eggs and only 3 hatched.

A short clip of the clutch...

A current resident

Here is one of those baby chicks at 5 weeks old already perching 7 feet up!