Friday, August 29, 2008

WOW the chicken grow FAST!!!

The chickens are now 3 months old, eating more and doing large poops. The pecking order is being established and the roosters are starting to look different than the hens by way of the comb, thats the red skin like growth on their heads, the roosters is larger.
So at this point we have 2 Australop roosters, 9 Australop hens, 8 Aracana hens, 2 Peafowl and 8 pigeons. All kinda happily coexisting.

Cut telephone lines and floating T.P.

The work done overnight by a spider floated a small roll of T.P. It was very funny to come upon this trickery!

Then while we were digging the ditch to run an electrical circuit to the closet we cut our telephone line. It cost $250.00 to get it reconnected. I guess we were lucky it was not an electrical line. That's why they always say: know where you are digging! We were told the line was 2 feet below grade, this was only 1 foot so we were not expecting it that close to the surface, never trust what they tell you!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finishing the outside enclosure for the chichen coop.

To secure the yard we dug a ditch around the perimeter and placed fencing wire under the grade to keep varmints from digging under the fence. We also put 2"X4" fencing wire from the bracing 2X6 (where the 6 foot seam of the chicken wire is attached) down into the ditch as well. Then we put 4"X4" woven fencing from the ground level up 4 feet , after we completely lined the top and sides with 1" chicken wire. Were were careful to not leave any opening larger than 1 square inch.
The chickens are now 2 months old.