Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Pigeon coop work

Back to the Pigeon coop to finish the framing and put up the tin. Sometimes when working with recycled material there can be alot of rust. We have learned that the older tin being of a thicker gauge can be better than the new tin that is of a lighter gauge even though the older tin has more corrosion. The way to deal with the rust is to wash the tin with a soap solution , scrubbing with a brush. Then after it is thoroughly dry, spray on Phosphoric Acid (not diluted) let that dry, then apply paint, either a color or galvanized paint within 24 hours.

Richard made the door by clamping together 1X6 boards and attaching them with 2X6s across , top, bottom and middle. Then he uses 2X4s for diagonal support.