Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Fall Clearing

Here we cleared out dying and crowded trees giving us more options for buildings.
We have found that is helpful to clear an area to the point that we can pull a measuring tape to establish the boundaries of future buildings. What we do is use red flag wire markers which are easy to move. This has given us a visual on how far apart the buildings will be and how that placement will feel. Many buildings have been plotted and moved by this practice.

In fact we had planned a storage building in front of the closet . When we flagged where the future house would go we discovered that a building in that space would have not fit , so back to the drawing board. It is so much easier to move flags than to move buildings.
The most important part of planning is to think from the end as much as possible. This is something we are consistently aware of and we have make mistakes ( like the first building starting out as a tool shed we could whip up in a month turning into the office that we are living in) We are trying to think through our priorities keeping in mind our the end vision.
There is the balance of comfort, necessities and beauty which are tugging on each other all the time.