Sunday, July 30, 2006

Moving month....

We added the light fixtures, switch plates and stained the floor, we were ready to move . Our entire household was moved by our trusty little trailer. I put a pencil to it and compared renting a u-haul to us moving with the trailer. The gas was the same for both options, so we saved the cost of the actual rental truck.
As you don't see, we did not have anytime to take pictures. It was a wild and woolly month.
We finished the room just enough to make the move. Our refrigerator died, the circuit to the kitchen would not stop tripping, we had to clean the rental and get everything in storage that we could not fit on the land in a safe place and go to work to make money so we could build. We did it and are saving a lot of money each month by not paying rent....... WOW!!!