Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fence continued

The only way to get wire stretched tight enough is with a come-a-long . We took two 2"X4"s and bolted them together with the fence in between , this keeps the wire straight and not pulled out of square while it is stretched. We then attached a chain to the come-a-long and stretched it tight.
Where the fencing is connected together we wove each end into its self (splice) .
We then strung bob wire for the 4 feet above the woven fence. Bob-wire is attached to the post with post clips. When you buy the posts they give you only 4 clips per post, which is enough for the 4 foot woven fence but not enough for the wire so we had to buy an extra bag. In shopping around we found them half the price from American Fence Co in Austin. It really does pay to call around for prices, they can differ by 50% sometimes!