Monday, December 15, 2008

The chickens and Peafowl out and about.

We finished the pigeon coop just in time before we left for our Christmas break. Removing the pigeon nests from the chicken coop so the chickens did not have the option to lay their eggs up high. They did not like the change and refused to lay in their nests. So while we were gone for 2 weeks, our neighbors took care of the chickens and we kept them inside the yard so they would get used to the boxes and make a habit of laying in the nests.

It has been a very dry winter and there is no grass for them to eat and very few bugs. They do seem to find things to munch on out and about, for they are always scratching on something!

The peacocks at almost 6 months.

The roosters are coming of age. The first time they started mounting the hens we thought they were attacking them. The roosters are not very gentle when they grab the hens neck as they hop on their backs and flip their tale feathers up . They are so fast I have not been able to get a picture of this. They are very busy at their job! So much so they have worn the feathers off some of the hens backs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Start of the Pigeon coop.

Well, we are discovering that chickens and pigeon do not make the best of house mates. The pigeons are chasing the chickens out of the nests and the Chickens are laying their eggs in the pigeon nests way up high which are a pain to collect or they are laying out side of the coop altogether. Therefore the pigeon coop has preempted all other projects for now until we can get them out of the chicken coop.

So as with all the other buildings so far, we lay out where the post go and start with the roof sides , rafters and perlins. Then establish the sides and put up the roofing and siding sheets. This really starts to firm up the building!