Saturday, July 18, 2015


The new 1/2 bath is now is use, the out house has been filled in so there is no looking back now!
We were going to only use composting toilets but as we age we realized the maintenance would  not be as easy.

So here it is a sink with warm running water ( we only had a 20 amp circuit into this side so we were limited in the hot water appliances)  and a clean flushing toilet!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

(Half Bath continues) The color coat goes on

Richard decided to apply the color coat right over the scratch coat to save time. He had to put it on thicker so it did cause some cracks and it used alot more finish material.

It turned out looking really cool, like an old Italian Villa!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Adding a shut off valve and fixing a leak

We thought we had enough shut off values but I failed to have one for the landscape piping, so when a leak developed at a freeze hydrant, we had to turn the outside water off so we would have water for the inside buildings.

This is a very tight area and was not easy but with marking where I had to cut it, it was a perfect fit.

Digging to find the source of the leak.

Here was the culprit, this was the pipe that connected the PVC to the freeze hydrate. It failed in 3 years!

We tried to use an expanding connection which did not work, it leaked like a sieve.

We went ahead and repaired it just by gluing a regular  PVC pipe to connect the pipes together.
We had to completely dislodge the freeze hydrant to do this and it worked!