Saturday, December 18, 2010

Progress Report end of 2010

It is hard to believe we have lived here 4 1/2 years. As in all things of time and space, it seems we have accomplished a lot having pretty much done everything ourselves. And on the other hand we have not started the main house which we thought would have been in the works by this time.

But as life takes us on this ride, or should I say "this adventure" we are learning to go with the flow and enjoy the process. What we realize is that each new finished project is a huge step in added comfort and ease of life, so that in its self is worth the effort! So in gratitude we carry on....

This has been a year of patience and caring for family. Not large enough blocks of time to do the big things , but we did finish the greenhouse (well almost) , the drive way is just the way we like it and it is keeping in good shape. The trees that Richard trimmed last year are filling in nicely . We got the annual rye planted so we have the green pastures.

The chickens are happy campers, all the permanent buildings are holding up very well to the elements. We are staying warm in the "room house" as our daughter calls it and we are so ready to finish the "shop" so We can have a cleanable warm kitchen with a solid roof!