Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pruning the Oaks and invasive plants

When we were digging in the back yard , we discovered the bamboo had grown where we did not want them. We are learning just how invasive they can be.

And while we were in the mood, we started trimming trees and that lead into more serious thoughts of starting the next big project! TO BE CONTINUED........

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Robins passing through as we clean the yard.

We decided to work on the yard to get it ready for spring. It was getting pretty ratty looking and we wanted to change things up a bit. After we got rid of all the dead growth we brought in some stepping stones, mulch (where plants would be) and cedar saw dust for the paths. WOW what a difference!

And while we redoing the yard the spring Robin passed through  for food and drink.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chickens at their Spa and meditating...

Here is "Captain" in the act of crowing which they do day & Night! Not just at sunrise...

The favorite hens get their feathers
striped from their backs, not a pretty site.

"Captain" and "Rudy" fight now and then. One of them will be the top rooster for a while ,then the other one will be the top. They do get in some fierce fights where their combs will turn black.

The first chicken snake, he didn't make it very far. He was headed for the coop and those wonderful eggs or baby chicks. We have found the best weapon to kill them with is a straight hoe. It is wide enough so that when the snake moves you can still get him. Watch out though, they will lunge to bite you if they can once you try to hurt them.

This is an egg with out the shell, we found on the pathway. It was so bazaar being translucent like this.

The chickens seem to meditate, going into the zone as they lay their eggs. They go in , find the perfect nest of the day and hunker down for the process. Sometimes they are there for hours!

Sometimes they want the same nest as one of the others is occupying. They will make the funniest squawks as they complain to the sisters. The roosters have been known to cause a lot of ruckus for some unknown reason. They can get the whole flock going wild with noise.

The ladies at their spa, sand bathing at it's finest! This is how they keep "clean" and free of bugs. The best way to keep the mites out is by sprinkling wood ash where ever they might bathe and in the coop.

The roosters watch out for their girls while they bathe.