Thursday, September 4, 2014

The main house inside window trim

 Trimming out the Windows and the door finished out the room. We used the same trim so as to tie it all together since it is one big room. Richard started with the window sill and built the side trim to that.
 You can see the difference between the far windows that have the trim and the one closer that has no trim.

 The window trim finished and  painted.
 All the windows trimmed and painted

 For the door, Richard is filling in the space that was created by the metal perlins to make it level.
 He is building up the side to create depth.
 Richard placed trim on top of trim to give it a layered look.
 The trim work done....
 The painting begins... We used Behr exterior Satin Pure white from Home depot.
 The first coat.....
Starting the floor trim. We pre-painted the base boards which saves the knees and post cleanup!

This took 4 weeks to complete.

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